Ravage (ROTF) Sea Attack – Transformers – Deluxe Class

Today, we’ll take a look at Ravage (deluxe class) from Revenge of the Fallen. Technically it’s the rerelease for the ‘Hunt for the Decepticons’ wave and he’s called Sea Attack Ravage now, but it’s the same figure, just with a different color scheme.

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Experience / Transformation

So, I have to say that it’s actually a pretty good figure in robot mode. It’s a pretty unique design and has quite a bit of poseablility. It sure isn’t perfect, but it’s a good interpretation of the character.

Unless if you also count the transformation as a big part of Transformers figures. Though we haven’t seen him transform in the movies, he does have a weird alt mode that really is as easy as pointing the limbs forward, spreading the chest, line everything up (somewhat) and you’re pretty much done.
The result is a weird contraption that might look somewhat like a spaceship, but it’s pretty obvious they started from the robot mode.


Ravage doesn’t really come with any accessories, everything you need is already on him.
He does come with a pretty, well, stupid gimmick in my opinion. You can move one of his spines in order do make his mouth open and close, but I would’ve liked a neck joint better, with an opening mouth of course, but without the gimmick thingy.

It is, more for collectors I suppose, interesting to see that his hip mounted guns do not have any flick firing missiles. Instead they are just sculpted pretty good and accurate in size.


Ravage does look pretty good in his robot mode. It would’ve been nicer if he had a neck joint as well for the more dynamic poses, but overall this figure is pretty accurate to what I remember him to look like in the movies.

The vehicle mode isn’t a success in my opinion, and feels tacked on, but at least we get one, and it has a rather unique design, so credits for that.


He does have a pretty good set of articulation, though a bit more here and there could’ve made this figure perfect. Mostly the lack of a neck joint bothers me here.

Other than that, there are a few spots I would like to be more articulated, his tail would also be interesting, but I do have to say that I actually am impressed with the amount of articulation in his legs.


Hasbro did a pretty good job with taking the source material and turning it into a toy. It’s a bit unfortunate of the laze vehicle mode, but Ravage is the kind of you you want to leave in robot mode anyway.

It’s a pretty good figure, not such a good Transformer, and when combined with a Autobot figure, there is quite a bit of fun things you can do with him that you can’t really do with any other Decepticon.

I give Ravage a 8/10


  • pretty accurate
  • poseable enough, but could use just a bit more


  • weak vehicle form
  • the lack of a neck joint

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
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