First Order Stormtrooper – 1/12 scale – Bandai model kit

Today, I will present you, the First Order Stormtrooper model kit by Bandai.
Now that school is done, I finally can catch up with the figures I got throughout the year, but haven’t had time to review just yet. So here he is, enjoy.

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The Stormtrooper is a pretty good figure, though not really as good as some of the other model kits. The line between the model kit and the Black Series version is not as thick as with most of the other kits. It was a pretty fun and simple build and you get quite a lot in the end. The most annoying part is the fact that you really need to paint this guy’s weapons and hands in order for it to look good, but we’ll get more specific on that later.


The Stormtrooper definitely comes prepared. It is slightly unfortunate, yet understandable that you absolutely need to paint his weapons in order to look great. I usually like to paint parts, but here it was usually white over the black plastic and very repetitive parts that made it somewhat annoying.

But other than that, it’s definitely cool that they included basically everything. The only thing I sort of miss is his pistol, but then again, there is a lot already.
For weapons, he comes with his his F-11D blaster rifle with removable stock, a Z6 riot control baton and a Betaplast riot shield.

For extra pair of hands, he comes with two trigger finger hands, two relaxed/weapon supporting hands and two fisted hands. I only painted those that I will use for my display option, but there are also stickers included for the fists.


The Stormtrooper has some amazing crisp details all over the figure that I absolutely love. It also doesn’t take much effort to make it look really good out of the box, which is also a plus for many people. The accessories need more effort than the figure itself.

the only actual problem I have here is that his neck might be a little short (for a stormtrooper) and therefore you need to hunch him a bit so it doesn’t look like he has no neck. It isn’t all that obvious from the front when you do it like that, but looking at it from the sides doesn’t compliment it.

My other sort of complaint is the fact that his shoulders sit a bit high. In combination with the shorter neck, it makes him look a bit stumpy. Luckily you can shift them a little lower that makes it more acceptable, or put him in a more dynamic pose so it isn’t all that obvious. For me this isn’t too bad, but I’m sure some people might not really like that.
I don’t really want to blame anyone, but some of the figure’s limitations are there because of how the armor was designed for the movie in the first place.


This is another somewhat weaker spot unfortunately. His neck is done in a way so it can’t really look down all that much. Looking up isn’t too spectacular either, but it does look up a bit.

I do really like the double jointed elbows on this figure, but it’s a bit unfortunate that his wrist articulation doesn’t have too much range, that really could’ve helped in some more special poses.

His torso and waist work quite good as well, but it is unfortunate that, as I said before, you need to hunch him a little to make his neck look better.

One of my biggest complains with this figure has to be his knee articulation. It isn’t really bad, don’t get me wrong, but I just expected it to be as good as the Black Series First Order Stormtrooper, which it isn’t. He has double jointed knees, but the way it was designed only allows for a 90° bend that doesn’t really look good.


The First Order Stormtrooper model kit is a pretty good figure, but it doesn’t really meet my high expectations for a trooper figure. I can somewhat expect it when a Black Series isn’t all that good, but I sure thought that Bandai would do a better job with the model kit version.

I would definitely recommend this guy more than the Black Series version, but I also think there are better Star Wars model kits out there if that’s what you’re looking for, and I assume Mafex and/or S.H.Figuarts will have a better version of the FO Stormtrooper as well.

In short, it’s a pretty average action figure, and to tease you guys, most problems I have with this guy are fixed/not as bad on Captain Phasma, so stay tuned for her review as well.

I give the First Order Stormtrooper a 7/10

(yet I really hesitated to give him an 8/10)


  • good resemblance of the character
  • good range of accessories
  • crisp details


  • absolutely needs paint in order for it to look good (+-90% accessories)
  • the poseability that doesn’t compliment the looks

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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