Bandai Star Wars model kits August and onwards

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Hello everyone, today I woke up, checking my mails and discovering I had a new one from Bandai. When I opened it, I was so happy to see that there were new model kits coming our way, especially the droid + STAP set. Yes I do know that these were shown already at a few conventions, but getting the confirmation is just so satisfying. I grabbed the pictures from that mail, and will go over them more deeply as this post continues.


First of all, the Tie Interceptor is out now for a little while, but since it was on the mail, I just wanted to share this with you guys as well. Maybe you missed its initial release the 30th of July, so now is your chance to undo that mistake.


Next comes the thing that I’m very excited for, The Battle Droid + STAP set. The figure itself looks amazing, and the fact that it comes with not only its STAP but also with binoculars makes it even more exciting. It’s always nice to have these detail accessories, just for the variety of display options.

Just as the S.H. Figuarts version, this one can collapse as well and the articulation will probably be about the same, maybe some slight differences in the mechanisms, but I think you can probably execute the same poses.

The set will cost 4536 yen, which is about 45 euros without shipping and will release the 27th of August.


Also in August comes a new smaller scale vehicle set. It includes a First Order Tie fighter and a First Order Special Forces Tie fighter. It also comes with a pretty interesting double stand to display both vehicles at once, which can make for a cool display.

This set will cost 648 yen, which is about 7 euros before shipping and will release, just as the Battle Droid + STAP set on August 27.


We also got a peek at the September release of this year, being Poe Dameron’s X-Wing fighter from the Resistance with his unique color scheme. Some people like it, others don’t, mostly because we already got Poe’s original X-Wing with the white and blue color scheme, though I really think that there are plenty of people out there that are excited for this vehicle as I am.
It also seems like it comes with a new display base. It’s not really clear if it’s a different/new mold, but this time it’s a white base to indicate the Starkiller Base situation.

This version of Poe’s X-Wing cost 2592 yen which is roughly 23 euros before shipping. It will release next month, September 29.

And as extra, something that was not included in the mail, in October we will get another mini vehicle, being the Y-Wing from the Rebel Alliance. But the specifics aren’t official yet, so stay tuned to see to remain updated on the Star Wars Model Kits.

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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