Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader – The Black Series

The last few months, mostly since September have been really busy. Work and writing reviews when back home isn’t an easy task but it’s something I want myself to do every once in a while. Not only because I like figures, but also because I like to take pictures of them (even when they aren’t that good).

Since Star Wars Rogue One’s release is coming really close, the Star Wars hype is bigger than ever again. On Hasbro’s part, last year’s Force Awakens stuff was ok, but this year’s Rogue One stuff is getting closer to the original Black Series idea and I absolutely love it.

Without further ado, today we’ll take a look at the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader figure from Hasbro’s 6″ Black Series line. I got this guy from as soon as it came out beginning this month together with Director Krennic and they instantly became two of my favorite Black Series figures ever. Read on to find out why.

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The moment the figure stood there on my table (in a plain straight pose) I couldn’t believe I was about to add this figure to my collection/display just moments later. The detail is really good, the paint is amazing, and simply the way the figure looks, … it screams Star Wars for me, even though these are new designs for Rogue One.

I must be honest, I wish the grunt trooper wasn’t a Walmart exclusive (which makes it really hard to get for me for a decent price), otherwise, I would’ve gotten a bunch of these as well. I simply love the Scarif Trooper design and can’t wait to see Bandai’s take on it (both the model kit and the S.H.Figuarts versions).


This Trooper comes with the accessory he needs, but it would’ve been nice to see something else as well. Something like interchangeable hands, a pistol, a pair of binoculars, grenades,… Just anything that would give it more different display options.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the gun he comes with, but it could be nice to get something else, something unique. Something more for the collectors and diorama builders, just something so they could get for example 5 times the same figure, but have them all displayed differently even though they are the same figure.


The Scarif Trooper is one of the better looking Black Series figures. It has great details, and the paint job is mostly clean. I like the weathering, though I think that it would look even better when the head and torso were painted just as the other sand colored parts. The painted parts just look a bit better and more dull which makes it look more real.

I also would like to point out the pants and skirt pieces. They are really well sculpted parts of the figure and it really looks good. I believe the pants would be a bit more dull in real life, but that’s a minor nitpick considering the price.


I was also really happy to see the elbow joints on this figure. They bend slightly over 90° and together with the excellently executed wrist joint (right arm), This Trooper is capable of looking down the sight of his gun. Believe me when I say. I have quite a few 6″ Star Wars figures, but only a few are capable of doing this.

His hips are a bit limited because of the skirt/kama, but it’s definitely nothing too bad. It’s because the material they used for that piece had to be a little harder/thicker if they wanted to put in the details that are on it, so I don’t really mind this “sacrifice”.

The torso also has a great range of movement which is really cool for more dynamic running poses.

I would like to point out as well that the joints were rather stiff on my figure (compared to other Black Series figures from the past(and yes, even more stiff than the Death Trooper)).


Hasbro did a great job again with this Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader figure and I hope it sets the bar for further Black Series releases. There are obviously still a few (minor) problems, but this is the kind of figure I’m expecting from Hasbro.

It’s a pretty good figure and I sure do recommend him for anyone that can get their hands on one. Since he is comparable to the Hovertank Pilot and the regular Scarif Stormtrooper figures, I feel safe to say that I would recommend those figures as well.

I give the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader a 9/10


  • great resemblance of the character
  • crisp details with amazing amount of different finishes
  • great elbow joints (little over 90° bend)


  • Would be nice if it came with an extra accessory
  • Kama/skirt is a rather stiff

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
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