Director Orson Krennic – The Black Series

I don’t know how about you guys, but Director Krennic instantly became one of my favorite new characters from Rogue One as soon as I saw him in those first few shots we got about half a year ago. For me, he almost has the same kind of presence as Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin from A New Hope so I’m curious if we’ll get to see some kind of relation between Tarkin and Krennic.

Therefore I’m really proud to present you guys another amazing Black Series figure non other than Director Krennic in 6″ form. So let’s take a closer look shall we.

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Originally I was going to wait and hope that S.H.Figuarts or Mafex would make a figure of this guy soon enough to fill my display with, but then I got the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader (and already had the Death Trooper figure for a while) and I just knew that after those two amazing figures that this version of Krennic would be worth the while as well. Definitely if it would take SHF and Mafex over a year again to release their versions.

So yeah, I just got the figure, have it in my display now for a while, and simply adore to have him in my ever growing 6″ display.


Director Krennic doesn’t really come with much other than his blaster pistol but at least it’s possible to store it in his holster, so that’s a plus. I also like the new design of it and maybe wish they would’ve used silver paint on it (or at least a dry brush effect) because now it looks a little plain. I will likely do it myself in the future.

For some people, the cape is also an accessory, since you can remove it from the figure.
In that case, this is a pretty cool and important accessory but I feel like they made it out of a little too hard type of plastic.  They likely did that to get in these fine wrinkles and sculpted lines, but it limits the range of poseability of the figure quite a bit. It definitely looks good in a more static kind of pose, so I can’t really blame them for it.

Not being an official accessory, there was also a transparent elastic band included in the box. I simply like to use it to keep the cape even closer to the figure. I can see that this method may not work for everyone, depending on how you display the figure, but in my display it isn’t really that obvious so that’s why I use it. you can see what it looks like in the picture on the right below.


Krennic is an amazing looking figure. The headsculpt, though not perfect, definitely is one of the best headsculpts Hasbro made so far in terms of resembling the original actor/actress so I really like that.

The proportions of this guy are also really good and the different finishes and sculpted textures really make the figure pop nicely. Even though there isn’t that much paint applied to this figure, it’s nice and crisp on my figure, and I don’t have any smudges.

In terms of paint they still could apply, I think they could’ve painted the gun silver or dry brushed it with silver, because the current plain grey they used doesn’t really look as good as it could.


The figure itself has the standard poseability, which is pretty good, unfortunately it gets quite a bit hindered by the cape. I can live with the limited range for this figure, since I will mostly pose him in the more static kind of poses, but it’s definitely something worth noting.

I heard that there are quite a few people that maybe want to use Krennic’s body as a base for other officer figures (characters that don’t use the cape) so in that case I would say there aren’t any problems with the poseability as you can see below.


Hasbro did another great job with Director Krennic and I can’t wait to get more different officer figures in the future such as Tarkin, Thrawn, Yularen, Veers, Piet,… There are a few problems, mostly with poseability but I can look past this for this type of figure.

An absolutely recommended figure for any Star Wars fan/collector.

I give the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader a 9/10


  • great resemblance of the character
  • interesting sculpted details and crisp paint apps.
  • amazing presence


  • Would be nice if they added a bit more paint (mostly gun, maybe hair and face)
  • cape is a rather stiff

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.
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