Ultimate Kratos – God of War III – Neca

Today, I will present you, the Ultimate Kratos figure from God of War III made by Neca.
This figure is one of the best figures I’ve seen so far. It has a very nice range of articulation and the sculpt and paint work is just unbelievable. This figure is a must have for any action figure collector or for fans of Kratos/God of War.

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This figure was very popular when it first came out at the end of February 2016. Unfortunately I only recently found him at a local convention named F.A.C.T.S.
When I first got the box in hand, I was quite impressed with the size of the box and the figure and how nice it looked. This box was definately made for collectors.

I couldn’t wait to open it, after seeing so many positive reviews and getting this figure for only 35 euros seemed like an amazing deal. And the figure lived up to the hype. I have just a few small remarks that I will address further in the review.


Kratos comes with a pretty nice set of accessories. He has his two Blades of Chaos that you can store on the figure’s back, it has a unique piece for that. He also can remove that holster, and the gaps can be filled with painted pegs which I haven’t opened yet cause I probably won’t remove the holster.

Kratos also comes with an additional head sculpt, which is a more neutral look instead of the standard angry head sculpt. And last but certainly not least, he also has the Cestus gauntlets that are very well sculpted and painted. To put them on, all you need to do is remove the rubbery armor piece of his right arm and slide on the gauntlets.


This Kratos figure is very well made, with a limitless attention to detail. His muscles are very well sculpted, his armor looks incredible, the cloth looks dynamic yet doesn’t hinder most of the articulation, the skin has an amazing shading effect that is subtle yet clear. It’s almost as if they based the in game character on this figure.

Most of the articulation is also nicely integrated so it doesn’t detract from the overall looks.
I also sent a few of these images to some people that didn’t really know about this figure that thought is was either someone in cosplay, the in game character or a statue, which says a lot.


The Ghost of Sparta is capable of doing most poses, the only minor flaw(s) I have is that his neck doesn’t move too dynamic, which could’ve been fixed if they used a hinged balljoint like with Marvel Legends figures and the fact that on my figure, some of his joints are a bit loose. Not really as in flapping all over the place, but sometimes just not good enough to hold a super dynamic pose.

Other than that, most of his articulation is really well done. The rubbery armor pieces make sure almost no articulation is lost and the hinged joint for his right leg makes sure he can spread his legs without worrying about his skirt limiting too much of the range.

He won’t be able to do a full split, so his crotch touches the ground, but he can spread them nice enough for most poses you want Kratos to perform.

The figure is quite heavy though (which is a good thing) which makes it sometimes a bit hard for super dynamic poses, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I advise a display base.


Ultimate Kratos lives up to all expectations and comes with a minor amount of flaws that aren’t detracting from the overall figure.

It is a really solid figure that I recommend for any action figure collector or for people that are simply looking for a desk ornament that looks incredible and doesn’t cost too much.

I give Kratos a 9/10


  • increadible detail
  • the best Kratos action figure out there
  • amazing price/quality ratio


  • a few looser joints than what I like
  • the limited neck joint

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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