K-2SO – 1/12 – Bandai model kit

Today, I will present you, K-2SO model kit by Bandai.
This reprogrammed Imperial Security Droid became a fan favorite for many people since his first appearance a few months ago and I’m glad to finally have a figure of this guy.
Even though it’s not completely perfect, it is my favorite 1/12 / 6″ scale version of K-2SO. With that being said, let’s continue with the rest of the review.

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From what I had seen from reviews, the Black Series version wasn’t completely what I was looking for. I knew that Bandai would come up with their version around the time the movie got released, so I took my chances and waited a little longer. And my patience was rewarded. I saw Rogue One as soon as I could (the 14th December 2016). And 2 days later, on the US release of Rogue One, the model kit version released.

Now, only a week later, my kit finally arrived and I instantly started building him. It was a rather quick build but fun nonetheless. Also a little weird, because he is so much bigger than other figures (see comparison below).

K-2SO Bandai model kit VS Hasbro’s Stormtrooper and Death Trooper

Once the building was done, I kind of had mixed feelings, so read on to understand why.


K-2SO didn’t come with many accessories, but at least there was more than the Black Series which came with none, not even the blaster he was depicted with in some of the promo shots.

The Bandai kit version has interchangeable finger pieces and an articulated thumb. He also has a display base with the usual footprint clamp on one side of the interchangeable tile, and a peg for a supporting rod on the other side. It’s nice to see this supporting rod being included, but at first I was afraid that would mean that his ankles were fragile.

This was the case with the Battle Droid figure, but definitely not with this K-2SO figure. On the contrary, his ankles, and pretty much all of his joints are nice and tight and hold the poses really good.

!!! SPOILER ALERT for this paragraph !!!
I think that it would’ve been nice if Bandai gave us an additional pistol accessory as he uses one in the film, or maybe some interchangeable armor pieces for battle damage, as we got before with C-3PO.


He looks good, but it could be better. I feel like they kind of cheapened out here. Mostly for these currently dark grey shoulder pieces. These are not layered pieces and that would be acceptable if it was some kind of floating piece as with the S.H.Figuarts version. But these pieces are stuck there and therefore I think Bandai could’ve put in just a little more effort in those sections to give us some additional color separation.
Luckily they included stickers and water slide decals for those parts, but it still would’ve been nice to see some part separation there.

other than that, the figure is mostly black, with a few hints of gunmetal colored pieces for the joints. The iron/silver colored pieces I currently painted on, but there are also stickers and water slide decals included for those.

Even though it may look like I keep complaining about this figure, I still think that he’s the best looking figure in 6″ scale (or 1/12) we got in terms of proportions and sculpted details.

I like that they have these holes in the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. It is a pretty unique sight and I’m glad they achieved it.
I also think that the poses you can achieve with this guy look pretty natural. but more on that in the next section.


With the elbows and knees reaching just below 90° of bending, it’s not the most poseable figure we’ve seen from the Bandai model kit line. I wasn’t planning on putting him in that many super dynamic poses anyway, but it would’ve been nice to see some S.H.Figuarts range of motion for the model kit as well.

But even though it’s not the most articulated version, it’s definitely the best looking one so far (in terms of sculpted detail out of the box, the painting/stickering you will still have to do yourself to make him look perfect).

What he can do is good enough for K-2SO. And it’s really good that the articulation is also rather stiff, so it holds your poses really good. The wrists may be the most fragile part of this figure, so be careful when moving him around.

for this blaster pistol, I used the pistol from the Black Series Death Trooper, cut out a few bits on the handle so the fisted hand would fit around it and painted the top of the gun with Tamiya gunmetal paint. I have a closeup shot here.


It’s not the best model kit we got so far, but I think it may be the best 1/12 K-2SO figure out there if you have some painting skills as well. the Black Series misses some of the crisp details this Bandai model kit version has and the S.H.Figuarts may be more poseable, but lacks in terms of scale (being a little too small). So it really depends on what you’re looking for in a 6″ scale K-2SO figure.

Anyway, I’ll be painting this kit early next week (so from 26 December onwards) and I’ll hopefully be able to post pictures of that as well sometime soon after.

I give K-2SO a 8/10


  • amazing resemblance of the character
  • crisp details
  • when properly painted/stickered/… this may be the best 1/12 K-2SO version currently out there


  • not as good out of the box as some other kits we got so far
  • poseability is a little limited (elbows, knees, neck)
    => not as good as the S.H.Figuarts version

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.
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