Clone Trooper – 1/12 scale – Bandai model kit

Today, I will present you, the Clone Trooper model kit by Bandai.
This figure is a highly anticipated one right since he was announced. It wasn’t easy to get my hands on him for a reasonable price, but I did manage to get one before the prices went really crazy (becoming almost the same as the S.H.Figuarts version).

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The Clone Trooper is a pretty good figure, though not really as good as some of the other model kits we used to get. Similar to the First Order Stormtrooper, the line between the model kit and the Black Series version is not as thick as with most of the other kits. Meaning than the sculpt is a lot more crisp, but the range of motion isn’t that much better.

It was a pretty fun build and I like the few changes they made to make the instructions even better/more comprehensible than they already were.


The Clone Trooper definitely comes with enough accessories for different display options. Personally I think that it’s worth getting at least 2 figures because there is a lot you can do with this kit.

The most interesting bit of this kit is that he comes with Phase 1 as well as a Phase 2 helmet. This makes it possible to army build for example 10 figures and when you want to change the Phases to “renew” your display you just have to swap the head and done.
This may be a little problematic if you paint specific rank/legion paint schemes, because these schemes differ from phase to phase, but if you just get a few for plain troopers, there won’t be any problem.

To change things up even more, you have the ability to give the Phase 2 helmet sculpt a visor. Unfortunately this isn’t easily swapped out so I don’t have any pictures with that on the figure. But if you get a few trooper kits, you might as well make one with the visor on.

Another great addition is the two different guns. He has a larger DC-15 and a smaller DC-15s at his disposal and that adds even more different display options.

He comes with two trigger finger hands, two relaxed/weapon supporting hands and two fist hands. The more trooper figures I get, the more I feel the need for some better wrist articulation. It seems that Bandai will have a new wrist system for the Rogue One figures so I’m curious to see how that turns out.


The Clone Trooper has amazing, crisp details all over and he looks really realistic.
The pictures show the figure as he looks straight out of the box. I did apply some light grey paint instead of the stickers for the mouth and knee cap areas, but other than that, no paint or stickers were applied. The kit does come with stickers for these grey areas as well, so you don’t have to worry about needing paint and skills to apply it.

His neck may be a little too short, but only just a little, and not as outstanding as with the First Order Stormtrooper. His shoulders may sometimes look a little disjointed as well, but they are really poseable so all you need to to is shift them around a little till you’re glad with how they look.


This is the somewhat weaker spot unfortunately. The neck is a weaker point again. on the Phase 2 it’s OK, but the Phase 1 helmet really limits the articulation of the neck a lot.

The elbows do have about 90° of bend, which is just enough. It’s a bit unfortunate that his wrist articulation doesn’t have too much range, that really could’ve helped in some more special poses, like looking down the sight with the DC-15 stock against his shoulder.

His torso and waist work reasonably well, but it gets a git restricted by the armor design. Same with the hips. So unfortunately it’s not the best figure if you’re looking for super crazy clone trooper poses, but I think it’s a pretty good figure for army building.


The Clone Trooper isn’t perfect, but it’s a cool kit and probably the best 6″ price quality Clone Trooper figure to date. S.H.figuarts or Mafex  their versions may be better figures, but they also cost more. So I think that this Bandai Model Kit may be the best army building option currently out there.

Fun to have and looks good on a shelf but not yet the “ultimate” Clone Trooper figure I’m looking for.


I give the Clone Trooper a 8/10


  • good resemblance of the character
  • decent range of accessories
  • crisp details
  • including both the phase 1 and phase 2 helmets


  • visor accessory is not easy to swap
  • the neck joint and hips could use more range

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.
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