Revoltech Spider-Man Preview

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We now got our first look at the colored Spider-Man figure by Revoltech and I must say, I actually like what I see.

A major thing about Spider-Man is the fact that he’s an agile character. I’m pretty sure you know what that means, but so far, we don’t really have the perfect Spidey figure that can hold all of his iconic poses.
Yes, we do have some really great attempts, but I think that this Revoltech version might be the best that we’ve seen so far.

I know that there are many people that dislike Revoltech’s aesthetic (being more cartoony and with some super obvious joints) but I think that these latest Marvel superhero figures may profit from this expressive look. The exposed joints are a sacrifice I’m willing to make if that means incredible poseability.

The accessories are also really interesting. We get the following:

  • two web shooting pieces, two web slinging pieces, one web grab piece (I assume you could grab a different character with it),
  • a few typical Spider-Man style posed hands (web shooting, wall crawling and web holding hands),
  • we also get a few different eyes, just as with Deadpool. I really like this because in the comics, they also use his eyes to express his emotions.
  • last but not least, we also get a display stand with an extension piece, as well as a clamp with a magnet, which is also a really interesting accessory for Spidey.

So as I said before, aesthetic wise I don’t really mind the cartoony look. I’m also not a big fan of these exposed joints and weird cuts, but I understand why they do it, and therefor I know how to appreciate it. As the above pictures demonstrate, he’s really poseable and I really like that.

I might have to wait and see how the final product turns out before I get my hands on it, but it’s definitely something we should consider when buying a Spider-Man figure.

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