Battle Droid + STAP – 1/12 scale – Bandai model kit

Today, I will present you, the Battle Droid + STAP model kit by Bandai.
I can tell you that I absolutely love this kit with only one major gripe (and a few minor ones). You can check out the slideshow of all 36 photos (+boxart) here and read the full review after that.

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The Battle Droid + STAP is definitely a unique Star Wars model kit. Using a similar building technique as with Gundam model kits (by using some sort of inner frame) it really is a fun build. Because of that, the poseability is phenomenal and almost completely the same as with the SHF version of the battle droid.

It also is one of the easier kits in my opinion, but at the same time he’s also a bit more fragile because he is so thin. Which makes the parts also smaller and therefore easier to break if you’re not careful.


The Battle Droid comes with technically everything you need. he has his backpack that can store his E-5 blaster rifle. He also has an alternate piece with just the antennae and interchangeable neck pieces to display C-3PO with the battle droid head and/or to display the Battle Droid with C-3PO’s head. Next to those parts, he also comes with electrobinoculars and most obviously the Single Trooper Arial Platform, aka STAP itself.

Both the figure and the vehicle have their own unique stand. The Battle Droid has that typical black tile with a mold where the feet snaps in, however, I don’t really find it useful for the Battle Droid with his ankle issues.
The STAP on the other hand has a clear display base that has a few hinges. These hinges are not actually ratcheted so you need to disassemble the hinge, move it you your desired position and put it back together.
The reason for that is probably because this makes it easier to hold a certain position with all the weight of the figure+vehicle on there. The base has also two peg holes, one in the center and one more on the edge so you get a few options here as well.

I do think that it would’ve been nicer if they made a reddish Battle Droid for Geonosis with the C-3PO interchangeable parts, because they feel sort of out of place here. Maybe we’ll get one in the future.


They absolutely nailed the looks again with the Battle Droid. Every detail is present and all that is left for you to do is paint some additional points to make it even more accurate and to let the details stand out. They have included a sheet of stickers and water slide decals for the people that do absolutely not want to paint the figure to give it at least a bit more detailed look.

Another thing I notices was the look of the plastic. Most previous Star Wars kits I’ve build have usually a quite glossy look, but I felt like this guy’s plastic was a bit more matte/semi-gloss. This actually makes it more easy for the people that don’t like to paint at all  to get a more nice looking figure straight out of the box.

The way they also integrated a clip into the backpack for the blaster rifle is also very well done. I didn’t expect it to clip so well and to be hidden so well when folded in.


After we got a few not super poseable figures, like the First Order Stormtrooper and Clone Trooper, because they went for looks first and poseability second, it is nice to see that the Battle Droid has an incredible range of motion again. And even though you might not really expect it, it is also here that his biggest flaws are present. The flaw I talked about in the beginning is his really weak ankle joint. His feet are really loose and it makes it hard to make him stand on his own. It’s a complete mess when you try to pose him in dynamic poses. And with the looser tiles I got lately (with the Clone Trooper as well somehow) it really is almost impossible to make him stand on his own.

luckily I had a small stand laying around from the Revoltech Snake I got a long time ago and this was enough to make the Droid stand on his own. There was a cradle included that had a peghole in it for the Bandai display bases and the peg of the Revoltech “stand” was just a perfect fit.

Other than that, the poseability is very similar to that of the S.H.Figuarts version. The head/neck, torso and ankle joint are the most different points of articulation.

The head here is just on a swivel instead of a ball peg. Therefor he can’t really pivot his head from side to side, but it’s not really a big deal.
His neck joint is something really interesting. Unlike with the SHF version that faked the extending gimmick for the transformation, the model kit actually has an extending neck which is really nice that they included it.
The Torso, instead of being on a ball joint is again done using a swivel, just as with the head. It is also possible to extend his torso from his hips which is a really nice touch.
And, well the ankles are done a bit more skinny and therefore are a bit more fragile. You can not swing it all the way back as you could with the SHF version, and if you do you probably stretch the joint even more, making it even more loose.

The other points usually only differ in terms of range, but even then it’s really not that much different. I like that the hand is articulated, but then again the thumbs are a bit annoying because they like to pop off when you’re trying to use the accessories.

For the STAP, they included a bit of articulation as well. The turret moves up and down and the hinging system looks actually really cool, so I love they included this as well.


An amazing model kit that, if you have a way to stiffen the ankles or a display stand to make him stand up on his own, is a really great piece to have. I don’t think that this will be the best option to army build him, maybe we will get a single or double boxed Battle Droid somewhere in the future instead of one with the STAP. But it is definitely amazing to see that this Battle Droid + STAP costs less or about as much as the SHF version and yet the figure itself is almost the same if not better and has more accessories.

Absolutely recommend this guy (if you find a way to fix the ankles, however a fix is not really needed if you will display him on the STAP all the time).

I give the Battle Droid + STAP a 9/10

(but it probably would be an 8/10 if I didn’t find a fix for the ankles so fast)


  • great resemblance of the character
  • decent range of accessories
  • crisp details
  • love that it is so different from what we got so far


  • absolutely the ankles, they are terrible
  • there isn’t anything else, but there are just a few minor things that could’ve been improved.

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.
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