Rogue One & others – S.H.Figuarts Star Wars Figures – December 2016 and onwards

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It has been a busy day for Star Wars collector’s. First we got some Disney Store exclusive items, which you can check out here, then we got some news on the Bandai Model Kits, which you can check out here, and now, we also get some news from S.H.Figuarts. I must say, another astonishing lineup.

I will sum up the figures for you below in order of release date. Since this announcement is mostly about Rogue One, the first figures of this announcement are set to release in December. But because I apparently forgot to show you guys the upcoming Obi-Wan figure from Attack of the Clones (EP2) I will go over him really quick.

November 2016

This version of Obi-Wan is probably using the same body as with the episode I version. He will have a new headsculpt and should have a new lightsaber/additional lightsaber as well as he used in the arena on Geonosis. Just as with Mace Windu, he will actually have 2 headsculpts, however they don’t look super different. One is slightly more angry than the other.
Obi-Wan will cost you 5,940 yen which is about 52 euro/dollar before shipping.

December 2016

In December, we get our first S.H.Figuarts Rogue One figures. I somehow expected to have at least Jyn Erso in this initial lineup, but I’m sure we’ll get her sooner or later.

I do like the fact that this Stormtrooper isn’t just a re-release. I like that they included new accessories/weapons with him, unlike Kylo who I’ll talk about later.
Though I’m not sure if there are any new armor parts other than the head (which does look better/more accurate than the initial version). This makes me hope for an updated version of Darth Vader as well because I really love the original SHF Vader figure, but it just didn’t fit in with the other 6″ figures. And now that he should also make an appearance in Rogue One, I think it could be justified to make an updated version of him.
The Stormtrooper will cost 5616 yen, which is about 48 euro/dollar before shipping.

Next we have K-2SO, the Imperial Security Droid that will have a role on the Rebel side. Personally, I’m not super excited for this guy at the moment. Or at least, I think I will do just fine with the (cheaper) Black Series version or maybe a future Bandai model kit.
I think I would like to wait and see what this character has to offer in the movie before buying a figure of him. If I really really like him, who knows I might get the SHF version.
K-2SO will cost you 5616 yen, just like the Stormtrooper, which is about 48 euro/dollar before shipping.

And last but certainly not least for December 2016 is the Death Trooper. I think the designers for Rogue One really did a great job with designing the new sets of armor for new classes. They do look authentic and true to the Star Wars designs we are familiar with and that will absolutely help with believing the movie actually happened between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. I can’t wait to get any Death Trooper figure, though I do feel like this SHF’s helmet is a little too thin. Anyway, proportions and stuff may change a bit so I have a good feeling about this.
For accessories, the Death Trooper will have this new rifle and a blaster pistol. He comes with two holster pieces, one with the blaster pistol holstered and one without.
The Death Trooper will feature the same price as the other releases of December, being 5616 yen, which is about 48 euro/dollar before shipping.

January 2017

January continues to deliver Rogue One figures. Just as with the new design for the Death Trooper, I like these troopers their design as well.

The Shore Trooper is definitely a more unique design for the Imperial army. It uses some colors that you usually don’t see in any other class of the Empire. The sand/tan color will definitely stand out in your Stormtrooper display and the reds and blues will absolutely make sure you’ll take another closer look at this guy when he’s on display.
He comes with the new gun we’ve seen the Shore Troopers wield, as well as with a E-11 blaster, which is the same as with regular Stormtroopers.
The Shore Trooper is, just as the previous troopers, featuring a price of 5616 yen, which is about 48 euro/dollar before shipping.

The Tank Trooper Is very similar to the Shore Trooper armor wise. But it becomes something quite different by using an alternate more classic black and white color scheme. They don’t have these hip guards, either, but that’s probably because they have to sit in a hovering tank so they do not really need those, and it’s probably more comfortable to sit with.
He comes with this newly designed gun for Rogue One, but other than that, it doesn’t look like there are any other accessories or weapons included. We’ll have to wait and see if they will add anything later, because I feel like they could ad something.
The Tank Trooper has the same price as the others, which is 5616 yen => about 48 euro/dollar before shipping.

February 2017

February is probably the month with one of the absolute most exciting announces of them all. Han Solo is finally making his appearance and so does Kylo Ren’s unmasked version.

Han Solo is definitely a very exciting release and he really looks incredible in this product shot. And where there is Solo there also is Chewbacca, which I assume will arrive in March or at least somewhere close to this date. Han will have an interchangeable holster, one empty and one with the DL-44 blaster inside.
I hope February will be here soon, because this is a figure that we all have been looking forward to get our hands on.
We know that he will cost 5940 yen, which is about 50 euro/dollar.

The second release of February is Kylo Ren, unmasked aka Ben Solo. It is quite suiting to come along with Han Solo though I think that this release isn’t as interesting. Not even close. But sure, the head sculpt does look quite good but they seem to have missed the painting details. the eyes look a little weird and I think that from what we’ve seen so far, the Mafex version did a bitter job in capturing the likeness of Adam Driver.
It is nice to see that we will get Vader’s molten helmet and a hand with a molded in helmet  with this figure. But that also means that you can not display the figure with his helmet on, which is actually unfortunate.

The price doesn’t do it good either, he’s priced at 6264 yen, about 55 euro, making him the most expensive out of these new announcements.
This makes me think that they would’ve done a better job by making a new character, like Rey or Finn that includes these additional pieces. It would be more useful to buy a whole new figure with additional accessories for a higher price (they did it before with Luke and Vader) and it would justify the somewhat higher price tag.

Overall, These are very exciting times for Star Wars collector’s (especially 6″ collectors). We get some really good looking figures for really good prices these days, considering the amount of detail and articulation for the scale. I can’t wait to fill in my collection.

If you want to see what S.H.Figuarts has to offer in October, you can click here.

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
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