Rogue One – Death Trooper & Squadron X-Red Wing Starfighter Special Set – Bandai model kit – preview

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Bandai just dropped its first info on the Rogue One specific model kits that are to come.
These kits will release in November, just in time for the Rogue One movie itself.
We will start taking a look at the Death Trooper first and thereafter the X-Wing set.

Death Trooper

1/12 – 2916 yen (about 25 euros/dollars before shipping) – November
(you get the option to choose from a Specialist Death Trooper or regular Death Trooper)

display-based × 1
blaster pistol × 1
E-11D blaster rifle × 1
DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle × 1
chest × 2 (Death trooper specialist × 1, Death Trooper × 1)
Hand parts × 6 (weapon possession × 3, smack × 2, fist left × 1)
water transfer type decals × 1
marking seal × 1

I really like that this figure is packed with accessories like guns and bits of armor. It just gives is so many display options and is definitely interesting to buy a few of to make a cool army of Death. And obviously, just as with all the model kits, this guy looks stunning, though the elbows and maybe the knees as well may be not as good as before. If this brings back the articulation (which it looks like) that makes bends of over 90° possible, I’m in.

It also looks like we will get some sort of new weapon holding/trigger finger hand that is angled at the wrist. This will make it possible to have the gun’s stock at the shoulder which is something the model kits lacked so far. So I would be absolutely amazed if this was the case.

Squadron X-Red Wing Starfighter Special Set

1/72 & 1/144 – 3240 yen (about 28 euros/dollars before shipping) – November

This set is a unique ‘repack’ of the previously released 1/72 and 1/144 scale X-wings. It is the first time Bandai does this kind of set and I really like the idea. It is definitely a useful set for beginners, for people that don’t yet have these in their collection or for people that would buy both of the sets to build armies/diorama’s in different scales.

Just as usual/with the originals, these are really fun kits to have and simply look amazing.

Every time I see new Star Wars model kits by Bandai, I’m amazed and super excited to get my hands on them. The amount of details and accessories you get for the price is just unbelievable and it’s really fun to put together (and paint/customize) them as well.

both kits are set to release November, most likely near the end of the month, so it is likely that, if you order them, they will likely arrive at your home by the time the movie gets released.

You can read the official articles here and here.
and the previous article on the Battle Droid and other model kits here.

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
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