Marvel Legends – Dr. Strange – BAF Dormammu

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The last two figures of the BAF Dormammu line have been announced and therefor the complete line is now known to us. The whole wave will be up for pre-order in September and will eventually release in October, just in time for the movie.

I find it a little unfortunate though that we only get 2 (well 3 actually) movie figures in this whole line, but at least we get them and the others will probably release/be announced once they see if the movie is a success or not (I really think/hope it is). Therefor, these are the movie figures, Mordo and Dr. Strange himself.

The latest announced figures, the Enchantress and Movie Astral Strange (him being the third movie figure, though I wish we got a different character instead)

And of course the other figures from the line, all from the comics:

  • Brother Voodoo, slightly different from the SDCC 2015 exclusive set version,
  • Nico, which is the first time we get her,
  • Iron Fist, that comes with interesting accessories for him,
  • Dr. Strange himself (again), this time from the comics with a few new items

And because Dormammu and Brother Voodoo have already been released in the SDCC 2015 exclusive set, a picture of that as well.


Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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