Sentinel RE:Edit Iron Man #06 & #07

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Sentinel has recently announced its number 6 and 7 from the IronMan line. They are called the #06 Black X Gold and #07 Red X Gold, and are premium 7″ Iron Man figures, partially made out of die cast.
They also have electronics in them for the eyes and arc reactor and have an incredible paint job, using different finishes and shades to gain a more detailed look that doesn’t break it up too much.
You can also put these guys in pretty much any pose you’d like to put them in, some additional pictures by TAG Hobby for that.

Let’s go over these figures quick and individually, and see what Iron Man would look like if Sentinel re edited them.

#06 Black X Gold

I really like what they did here with the Black Suit version of Iron Man. All these incredible panel linings, and bits of detail here and there really make this figure stand out. And if it so appears that you get bored from looking at the front of this figure, you just need to flip him  around and there is even more incredible detail to be seen.

The articulation is technically invisible yet it doesn’t get hindered by all sorts of flaps and the likes of that. It really is as if you’re looking at the next movie outfit with RDJ inside inside of it which is making me speechless.

Sentinel is an amazing company with some incredible products, and it really is unfortunate that they are a bit on the pricey side and that they do not really fit with the 1/12 scale (aka 6 inch) figures which also makes it a bit harder to justify a purchase for 6 inch collectors.

#06 comes with interchangeable hands, Hall of Armor display base, just as the previous figures, and batteries.

The price is 170 USD as seen on the official site which isn’t the coolest part of this figure unfortunately. It is set to release in August.

#07 Red X Gold

Technically this is just a repaint of #06, but with the more iconic red and gold color scheme. I really do like this one as well, and it shows a few different highlights that you can’t really see all that well on the black version. I also think that the red version has more different shades and finishes since #07 cost a bit more than #06.

This guy also comes with a few interchangeable hands, the Hall of Armor display base (with the metal flight stand rod) and batteries.

#07 will cost 180 USD instead of 170 USD and will be available in August as ACGHK 2016 item, so you will have to pre-order this here.

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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