Kylo Ren – LEGO Star Wars – Buildable Figure – Set 75117

Today, we’ll take a look at the Lego Star Wars buildable figure (aka Constraction) Kylo Ren.
It is set number 75117, contains 86 pieces and is aimed at children for ages 8 and up.

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Experience / Build

Since this is a Lego set, the build is pretty straight forward and has very easy to follow instructions which you can find digitally here. Of course, it is also included in the box.
Most of the (complex) work needs to be done in the torso area, so just keep that in mind.

Once you’re done building the figure, it is a really fun and unique representation of the character. There is a lot you can do with this figure and for this wave Lego included a play feature as well. Kylo has a gearbox feature. By spinning the wheel on his back, you can make him do a slashing move.


Lego’s Kylo comes with 86 pieces of which 4 are exclusive to this set being his helmet, his printed torso piece, his cape that is different from Darth Vader’s cape and his skirt piece.

I wish the soft good pieces here were a bit different for more accuracy, but I’ll go deeper on that in the “Looks” section below.


If you’re going for the perfect replica look for your figure, this isn’t going to do it. But if you want a cool Lego figure that isn’t your ordinary minifigure, I’m pretty sure this is something for you. As I said before, I like the fact that they included these soft goods, yet at the same time I think Lego could do an even better job at making Kylo specific soft goods.

His “skirt” piece works ok when he’s standing up straight, but it gets a bit useless for his more wider poses. Maybe Lego could have included two of them instead of one, so you could get a more accurate look on the way Kylo’s robes look.

I also like the cape he comes with, yet I do think that it could be even better if they made a specific more scarf like cape as he wears in the movie. It’s not a deal breaker at all, but as I said before, if you’re going for the accurate look, Lego’s Kylo isn’t really going to do it.


Thanks to the ball joint system Lego uses for their buildable figures, this Kylo Ren is pretty poseable. The main difference with regular action figures has to be the reach of the legs. They can pretty much kick all the way forward, so it touches the body, which is really great to mess around with.

And even if you move a joint too far so it detaches from the figure, you usually shouldn’t worry since you had to construct this in the first place, you can just click the piece back on on continue playing with it. This is one of the  better parts of Lego figures compared to other action figures.

The only thing that I wish would’ve been better is the neck joint. Lego made a new gearbox piece for these buildable figures, but the way the ball joint is connected on that piece is a bit annoying. You will not be able to spin the head 360 degrees (more like 90 degrees between its most left and most right looking position) which isn’t ideal for this kind of figures, but it’s not really a reason to not get this guy.


Lego had done a really great job with this Kylo figure. I absolutely recommend this guy for any fan of Star Wars as well as Lego because it will both look cool in a display as much as it would be fun to play with.

I give the Lego’s Kylo Ren a 9/10


  • Lots of fun to play with
  • very poseable
  • uique interpretation with Lego parts


  • the soft goods
  • the neck joint

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
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