Star Wars Celebration 2016 – New Merchandise

Now that the Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London is over, it is time for a recap on all the new good Star Wars stuff (more specific figures) that will come our way in the future.
I do have to say that I found it rather unfortunate that I couldn’t go there myself, but doing some research throughout the last few days and getting new via Facebook friends and groups, I think I got a decent amount of information to keep you guys updated.

The Black Series

I’d like to start with Hasbro’s new goodies. Most of the stuff they showed off were figures that we already knew about from this year’s Toy Fair BUT we also got our first glimpse at the Black Series take on Jyn Erso and therefore the first Star Wars Rogue One merchandise has been revealed.

It looks like Hasbro’s going into a new direction with their skin toned plastic instead of painting which I’n not yet sure how I feel about that, but it is always nice to see something new on the table. I expect this figure will release, just like last year’s EP VII merchandise, on Force Friday (usually the 4th of September) though that has not yet been confirmed as far as I know.

Other that that, we also got a closer look at the SWC 2016 Exclusive Kylo Ren and it has been confirmed that this unmasked Kylo, as well as Ben Kenobi will get non exclusive releases in the future, which is great for the people that couldn’t get their hands on these exclusives.

They also showed a Princess Leia with her well known EP IV white dress, but that figure got removed at some point. There probably was some sort of mistake going on.

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Hot Toys

And what is collecting Star Wars without any 1/6 scale figures. Hot Toys has announced that they are working on Rey’s Speeder, as well as a new Rey figure, wearing her Resistance Outfit that she had on when she was looking for Luke.

We also got a little tease for a EP VII Luke Skywalker in these new promo pictures, but he isn’t officially announced yet.

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Also worth noting is that we also got a look at the brand new poster for Rogue One and that the name of the beach planet is now officially confirmed to be Scarif.



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