Revoltech Deadpool announcement

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Recently, Revoltech has released a few promo shots of their upcomming 6″ Deadpool figure. Let’s take a look at the following images, I’ll talk about them more in detail as I go over them (sort of) separately further in this preview.


This iteration of Deadpool does look quite cool to be honest.When he’s standing straight, he looks a bit disproportionate, but that’s part of Revoltech’s  rather cartoony design.
But once posed, it becomes less obvious.

We can see that he comes with a pretty awesome amount of accessories. He has two different head sculpts (regular head and a more angry mouth head) with 4 pairs of interchangeable eyes, which is really awesome for various display options. He also has 3 pairs of hands, comes with his two katanas that might store in the sheathes on his back. (It could also work with removable blades, as appears to be the case with the knive he can store at his leg).
And obviously, his pair of guns can’t be forgotten. Too bad you can’t store them in their respective holsters. It’s something that feels kinda weird in the beginning, but I think it’s a feeling that will fade away pretty quick. After all, the more guns Deadpool wears the better.

Pose wise, I really like what the promo pictures show us. It’s honestly my main reason for pre-ordering this figure and it’s the part where Revoltech really shines. I really like that they start with this character for that reason. Deadpool really is an agile character, so the incredible range of motion will suit him very well.

On these promo pictures, we can see silhouettes of their 2 upcomming figures in the new Revoltech Marvel Comic Heroes line, being Spider-Man and Venom. After seeing this Deadpool, I’m getting really excited to see what else Revoltech has to bring to the table.

This Deadpool currently costs about 45 euros before shipping and will probably sell out really quick, so hurry up and order this guy as quick as you can, if you’re interested of course.
Revoltech’s Deadpool is scheduled for release October 2016.

Furthermore, now that I have a post open about this Deadpool figure, I’d also like to show you the upcomming rivals for this figure. Figma is currently working on an iteration of Deadpool, as well as Mezco for their One:12 line (currenly pending approval).
It’s rather likely that these won’t release before the end of the year which gives Revoltech sort of a head start.

There is also an option for the people that like the character, but don’t like imported figures, or don’t like to wait any longer to get a figure of him. Hasbro will release their Marvel Legends Deadpool figure next month, as part of their X-men BAF Juggernaut lineup, which you can read more about here.

Some additional images

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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