Batman – DC Collectibles: DC Comics Icons

Today, I will present you, the DC Icons Batman.
Another figure that took me longer than expected to review.

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It’s a pretty good Batman figure that can hold quite a few amazing poses. It is a great start to a promising figure line by DC Collectibles. At first I wasn’t too sure about it though. I thought the proportions looked a bit off and that most of its promising articulation would somehow be limited, but it actually turned out better than expected.

I got the figure for a cheaper than usual price, but that was because my box was damaged. Luckily I don’t collect figures to keep them in their box, and the figure was still intact, so you won’t hear me complain about it any further.


This Batman figure does come with a pretty nice range of accessories. He has 2 pairs of hands, a pair of fists and a pair of open gripping hands to hold his Batarangs. He also has an additional left hand with a grappling hook molded inside that hand.

next to the hands, he also comes with 2 Batarangs which is really great to have. Most Batman figures come with with just one, so this is good to see. I also love that these hands have these rather long and sturdy pegs that stay in place, yet are easily removable.

I do have to say one more thing about the grappling hook. I love the fact that they included it. The hook is sculpted really crisp, and has this ball counterweight. They are connected with an actual rope that has a decent length to it and in between there is the loose hand with the launching device.
So I have to say that it looks cool and is nice to have, but I would’ve preferred a bendy wire cable. Right now, it’s technically useless, unless you make a diorama specifically for this feature.
It simply needs something to connect both sides on to keep the rope stretched so it looks good, but that is almost impossible.


I actually really like what the figure looks like out of the packaging. It has these nice variety of finishes (gloss for the gloves and boots, matte for most of the rest). The belt buckle has a bit of gold paint to it whereas the rest of the belt is matte yellow.

The draping of the cape does also look really good. Mostly for static poses, but it’s good enough for dynamic poses as well.

The only thing that I could wish for more is that he would look a bit more buff and less skinny, but once posed it isn’t all that obvious.

A bit of shading could also improve the figure. There isn’t all that much sculpted detail through most of his suit. but the details that are present could pop just that bit more by using some shading.


It has a great amount of articulation but not everything works as well as it could.
I’ll try to make this clear.

First, there is the head that works pretty good for just being a single ball peg. Batman is capable of looking pretty far up and down, so nothing to complain about.

His arms for the most part work really well as well. Except for the elbow. It’s a double jointed elbow that meets just a little bit over 90°. Of course, that is good, but it could be better for a double joint.

Next is the torso and waist. On paper, these points of articulation are really incredible, but they don’t bend as far as I would like again.

His hips are also connected with a single ball peg that allow for a pretty good range. But I do wish that he also had a thigh swivel (incorporated right below his briefs) just for that bit more natural leg movement.

The last point of remark has to be his ankle pivot. It is unfortunate to see that the feet peg in at a rather strange angle making it not as natural to use it. To make the feet point the direction you want them to point to, you’ll need to use the shin swivel. The bad thing about that is that it doesn’t look very good.

I do think that these actually rather minor nitpicks will be fixed with future releases, but just be aware of these little remarks. Personally, I don’t think these are a deal breaker, but it might be for some people.


This Batman is excellent for any 6 inch figure collector. It has a more comic style look with the classic Batman colors and a decent range of articulation that will get you to pose him in most of his iconic poses. It has a few problems but is a big step forward for DC Collectibles. I can’t wait to see their further improvements with this new line.

I give Batman a 8/10


  • good resemblance of the character
  • good range of accessories
  • great start for the DC Icons line


  • articulation is good but could be better
  • grapple gun is sort of useless

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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