Marvel Legends – Captain America Civil War 3-pack

With the incredible superhero movie Captain America Civil War hitting almost as hard as Star Wars Episode VII did, there obviously is a lot of reason for Hasbro to release as many collectibles they can. Although I should’ve posted this news much sooner already, I still think that it is quite useful for everyone to know

The recently announced 3-pack, including Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man, has finally got a few crisp individual shots of the figures. You can check these out below:

What makes this pack differ from the separate figures isn’t all that much I have to say. Captain America now has a battle damaged shield, with some obvious burn marks from Iron Man his repulsor blasts.
Iron Man also has a few battle scars, but unfortunately no sculpted ones. Spider-Man might be exclusive to this pack, or at least for now, so that would be my only reason to get it. But for now it’s just 2 repaints and a new figure.

The pack will release in august 2016, which is pretty soon, and will cost approximately 60 bucks, similar to 3 separate figures.


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