Kylo Ren – The Black Series

Today, I will present you, the Black Series Kylo Ren by Hasbro.
It’s a figure I had ever since the first releases of Star Wars Episode VII merchandise back in September 2015, but never really had time to review it just yet. I also have a review of the S.H.Figuarts version that you can check out here.

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Basically, it’s about the same as with any other more recent Black Series figure.
It’s not the best around, but it is a good figure. It is capable of doing most poses that are required for a Kylo figure and it does look OK.

Again, not perfect, but good enough. In case you’re looking for the cheaper yet decent Kylo figure, this has to be the one (or the newer version. Some of this figure’s flaws are fixed with the newer version).

I do have to say that it currently is one of my favorite figures to toy around with, try out a few poses and such, but it isn’t my current displayed Kylo Ren figure.


Kylo doesn’t come with much. He just has a lightsaber that has a removable blade and that’s actually it.
Of course, I do have to mention that he also has these better than expected soft goods. They have a unique pattern that really stands out, too bad it doesn’t really work for the 6″ line, but I’m still quite happy that we got it.



It does look like Kylo, so that’s a good thing. I do have to say that with this original version the plastic cape he has looks a bit flat. They fixed that with the newer version, which has a more crisp textured look. it is also notable that they continued the sculpt in his elbow joints.

The cloth, both a bless and a curse, does look interesting, but it doesn’t look good on the figure. mostly because it doesn’t drape all that well. It does work well for his more wide spread leg poses, but because it’s a bit too long, it doesn’t look really good when he stands up straight.

His hood can sometimes look a bit poofy, but with some working you can make it look more acceptable. All you need for that is a lot of patience of course.

The hardest subject to discuss has to be his lightsaber. The hilt doesn’t look that crips, but it’s mostly the lightsaber blades that are pretty weird yet cool in my opinion. It does look pretty cool that it is connected, but it also troubles me for the same reason.
I really don’t know what to think of it so I will give it the benefit of doubt and say that it is a unique desing and does its job, look like a barely contained blade.


The Black Series version of Kylo is pretty poseable. He has double jointed knee joints that really help far the wide spread leg pose. Also the fact that his robe is made out of a cloth material doesn’t hinder it as it did with the SHF Kylo.
His hips are also pretty incredible and the robes (also the plastic ones) do not really hinder his articulation there.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t share the double jointed elbow system we all would love to see make its return to the Black Series line. They meet about 90° (a bit less) which isn’t super bad, but it could obviously be better.

The other gripe I have with him is his neck joint that isn’t very capable of looking up or down all that much (it does, but barely noticeable) and I wish he had a bicep swivel instead of a elbow swivel because that simply gives that bit extra of reach.


Overall, it’s a good figure and I do like it. But if I have to choose my preferred version that I have at the moment (and that is the SHF and the Black Series) I have to choose the SHF version. It is definitely a cheaper alternative although the Bandai model kit version really rivals this price. I still have to see how that one turns out, but that won’t happen very soon.

I give Kylo Ren a 7/10


  • good resemblance of the character
  • unique design for the ignited, firey blades look


  • not super poseable (except the legs, those are pretty good)
  • the cloth doesn’t look that good on this 6″ figure
  • barely any accessories

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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