Star-Lord – Marvel Legends

Today, I will present you, the Marvel Legends Star-Lord from the BAF Groot Collection.
I have this figure for quite some time now, but I thought it would be cool to do a review on him. I also did a few small enhancements from which the helmet might be the most obvious change. (I’ll adress this in the “Looks” section.)

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Back in the day, when the movie Guardians of the Galaxy came out in cinema, I was very happy I gave the movie a try. I really liked it and Star-Lord became one of my favorite comic heroes of all time. So I just couldn’t resist and get a action figure of this.

Star-Lord also is the first character that I actually cosplayed, but that was almost a year after the movie that I actually finished it.



Star-Lord comes with an alternate Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) headsculpt, which is done OK for a 6 inch figure. He also comes with two elemental blasters, a walkman (unfortunately miss colored), a headset and the Orb/Infinity Stone.

It is also possible to remove his knapsack, and since he is from the Build A Figure Groot line, he also comes with the left arm of Groot.


I think it is a pretty good representation of the character, however, straight out of the box it looked a bit flat. There are a few things that I added, like dry brushing the helmet and adding some silver and gold paint on places that it needs to be one of those colors. I also cut open his coat (like it is in the movie) and that also unlocked some of his poseability.

The figure has most details that are on the character in the movie yet some of the details (I know thanks through the research for the cosplay) are a bit off. But nonetheless, the figure is a great 6 inch representation of the character.


Star-Lord has pretty good articulation. It is possible to do most of his iconic poses, or the movie poster pose, which is a great thing. A double jointed elbow also adds to the poses you can do with this figure, certainly because guns are his main weapons.

The most lacking part here have got to be his legs. His hips can’t really split that far and are hindered by the coat. Even after cutting his coat open, it still isn’t all that great (yet it is way better).

He does also bend at the knee, but that joint looks a bit ugly since it splits his boot. Bending it over 90° will also sort of ruin the overall look, but if you can live with that, there really isn’t too much of a problem here.


This figure of Star-Lord is really good to have, it has its mistakes but nothing too massive. Definitely a recommended figure for fans of Star-Lord or Guardians of the Galaxy.

I give Star Lord a 8/10


  • pretty good detail
  • comes with many accessories
  • great articulation


  • not soft enough coat
  • could use a better paint job, but hey,
    it’s Marvel Legends by Hasbro, you take what you get.

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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