Luke Skywalker (Episode VI version) – S.H. Figuarts

Today, I will present you, the S.H. Figuarts Luke Skywalker. This is an amazing figure that will fit perfectly in any Star Wars (6″) collection. He’s an amazing figure to display along Darth Vader from S.H.Figuarts, whose review you can check here.

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After a long time of looking around to find this figure for a reasonable price, I’m really glad I finally have him in hand. The figure itself is better than expected. I only have two minor complaints about this figure.
One is that I think it would be just a bit nicer if they included a fully ignited lightsaber and just a hilt, instead of including just 2 different tips. My other remark is that he can’t extend his legs at the hip, which makes it sometimes a bit hard to pose him however you want, yet it is still pretty decent.


Luke has a decent amount of accessories. He comes with an alternate head sculpt that can be separated so you can swap the faces and even the front pieces of hair.
He comes with a pair of fisted hands, a pair of relaxed/open hands and a pair of lightsaber holding hands.

For his lightsaber, all you need to do is swap the top piece, there’s an ignited and a not ignited piece included.

And last, but certainly not least, he also comes with an alternate headsculpt for Darth Vader that looks incredible as well.


This version of Luke is absolutely amazing. seeing some of the pictures again, I can’t believe that this is actually just a 6″ figure.

Also, the different finishes for the otherwise all black suit really add to the detail and realism of this figure.

Sculpt wise, I think that they really did an amazing job capturing the likeness of Mark Hamill, and the proportions look really good as well. If you’d take a look at just the silhouette, or one of the small images below, it sometimes looks like it’s an actual person.

Most of the joints are also pretty well hidden, which only adds to it.


Luke is capable of some really amazing poses. He technically has everything you need. The only minor remark I have here is that his legs don’t extend, which makes that his legs can’t quite meet 90° but nonetheless, it’s still pretty good.

I even was capable of putting him in this running pose, where he’s standing on only one feet without any form of support, which is really amazing as well.


In my opinion, it’s one of the best 6″ figures out there at the moment. It is so much better than the Black Series version, that looked a bit pale and disproportionate, but he also costs quite a bit more. But I think it is still a fair deal.
No doubt, if you’re still looking for a 6″ Luke figure, let it be this one.

And in case you already have the S.H.Figuarts Darth Vader, then try to find this one as well, because Luke also comes with an amazing additional headsculpt for Vader.

I give Luke Skywalker a 9/10


  • increadible detail
  • great resemplance to Mark Hamill
  • one of the best 6″ scale figures


  • non extending legs limit its reach (if there is any con, it should be this)

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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