Darth Vader – S.H. Figuarts

Today I will present to you, Darth Vader by S.H.Figuarts.

Vader actually is my first S.H. Figuarts figure however not the first I reviewed. The reason for that is the fact that I recently ordered the S.H. Figuarts Luke Skywalker figure and he should arrive anytime now. You can now check his review here.

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This Darth Vader was a real pain in the but to get my hands on. Back in the day when I ordered him, I wasn’t very busy with the 6 inch figures, but once I saw this figure, I just knew I had to get him. Another plus about him was that he came with that Death Star II themed display piece, that looked really awesome as well.

So to be completely honest, this Vader figure was the first of many.


Lord Vader comes with a few accessories, the only problem I see here is that Luke Skywalker comes with an accessory that actually should be included with Darth Vader himself, and that is an alternate unmasked head sculpt, but let’s be honest, there aren’t that many people that really display Vader without his amazing helmet.

But what he does come with is an ignited lightsaber and just a hilt. too bad the hilt doesn’t attach to his belt or anything. He also comes with a pair of fisted hands, a pair of lightsaber holding hands and a pair of open palms/force push hands. an other nice detail is the inclusion of a cut hand, however, it is a bit unfortunate that they didn’t paint all these details (like chopped cables and such) cause the sculpt is pretty well done.


Vader is actually really nicely done. The painted details are crisp and the difference in finishes makes this figure just that bit more interesting.

The only thing that stands out to me is that he is a bit disproportionate. Not only is he a bit too small to be in scale with the other 6″ figures, but also his head looks a bit too small, some other pieces too big. I sort of feels like a rushed figure, but if he’s standing somewhere all by himself, these things aren’t really too noticeable.


There are quite a few interesting points of articulation. His shoulder guards are articulated so that it allows for his arms to move in all directions without too much restriction.

An other great thing are those leg extension joints that allow for a bit more poseability in the legs (and to make him look a bit taller so he does fit better with other 6″ figures).

The most unfortunate thing here is that he has no butterfly joint (or something similar) which makes it a bit hard to do gripping poses where he’s holding his lightsaber with two hands. But you can sort of get around this by using his bicep swivels so you can bend the elbows to get his hands closer together.

I think that they could’ve done it a bit better, but it is OK as it is currently.


To end this review, I think the S.H. Figuarts Darth Vader is still a pretty good 6″ Vader figure. It is in my opinion a better representation than the Black Series Vader, but still isn’t that perfect 6″ figure we’re all so desperate to get.

I currently don’t have the Mafex Vader yet, but I think, and from what I heard, the Mafex Vader might be the best one out there so far.

This Vader figure is still a figure I recommend, and maybe mostly because of the display piece (if that is included) because it really makes your display pop even more.

I give Darth Vader a 7/10


  • cool looking figure
  • came with a pretty cool display piece


  • not really in scale with the 6″ figure line
  • head is a bit small
  • no spectacular poseability in the legs

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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