Wing Gundam Zero Honoo – 1/144 High Grade

Finally, here it is, my first Gundam model kit review. I really like this custom flame styled design and can’t wait till they give the Destiny Gundam (my favourite Gundam) a similar flame styled makeover.
Be sure to also check out my custom painted version by clicking this link.

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The Honoo was a pretty easy build and once done building, he stays well together.
The only thing that tends to pop off is his left arm and sometimes the hands, but nothing too bad really.

His blades may look really big and heavy, but gravity usually doesn’t affect your poses with this model kit, which is a  really good thing.


He comes with a lot of items, just like most model kits, which is a real great advantage. The Honoo has these wings that he can “transform” in these gigantic fire stylized swords that simply look gorgeous. He also comes with the famous dual guns from the original wing gundam and a shield that can hold his beam saber hilt.

A really amazing thing is that he can store all of these weapons, except for the beam saber effect part of course.

There is only one thing that I find lacking in terms of content. He doesn’t come with alternate hands which can make it a bit of a pain to make certain dynamic poses. The best example of this, you can’t really do the box art pose which usually shouldn’t be a problem.

However, they did release an expansion pack for this kit (that is also pretty expensive in comparison) and that does include a few alternate hands, and more importantly, even more epic swords/wings.


Bandai did a pretty good job with this custom build fighter version of the regular Wing Gundam Zero version. The flame style really works well in my opinion. He comes with most of the details you would expect in a High Grade Gundam model.

The decals that are included really add some more character, which is a great thing, but he isn’t completely done with just the included decals. You will have to add some paint and eventually some panel lining.

I personally don’t really want to panel line everything and usually just fill in the holes that need to be black in the first place. I also added a small bit of silver paint, as was indicated on the manual (and after looking up some reference images).

He does transform into a plane mode as well, but that is a mode I don’t bother with.


Since most of this figure is actually really good, this was the most disappointing part.
He does have a decent range of movement, but many of it doesn’t really work because of his big weapons and shield. The worst set have to be his knees, that do bend just a bit over 90°, which is a bit low for a Gundam model kit.

His best poseable set is actually just using the beam saber, and the upside down shield.


The Honoo is actually a pretty cool and fun Gundam model kit, and is also a pretty nice starter kit. The build was usually not too difficult and once done building you end up with a really cool looking custom version of the original Wing Gundam Zero.

if it weren’t for those knees, I’m sure this could be one of my favorite figures.

I give the Wing Gundam Zero Honoo a 8/10


  • amazing and unique look
  • easy and fun model kit


  • expensive expansion pack
  • bad range for the knees

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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