C-3PO – 1/12 scale – Bandai model kit

It took longer than expected, but finally, the C-3PO model kit has arrived.

At first, I was quite surprised with all these chrome pieces. It felt pretty good when opening that box and seeing all that gold, almost like opening a treasure. After building him, I was actually quite surprised with the end result.

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Another great model kit in my opinion. Just be careful for the fragile pieces, two of mine were broken in the box (not separated, but they had some obvious breaks and barely held themselves together).


3PO comes with a few interchangeable pieces, like extra pieces for the back of his knee joints, a pair of extra hands that can hold a comm link, even a pair of extra arms that are articulated. He also comes with a dented face plate, an eye that hangs out and an additional torso plate that has a restraining bolt.

Obviously, we can’t really forget about the display base, since this one can really use it well.


Bandai absolutely nailed the looks for C-3PO. The chrome really makes him stands out although it does look better in real life than in the images.

The bad thing about the chrome pieces is mostly that it is a finger print magnet, but you will most likely not notice it all that much when he’s standing on a shelf.

Something else I really would like to highlight is the amazing detail work. All of the Model kits are known for their amazing detail, but this one especially has some pretty impressive details that you might miss on a regular 6″ figure.


Well, it’s C-3PO, he isn’t really all that poseable. But everything that needs to move does move. I do wish he could stand a bit better. His soles are not exactly flat which makes him a bit wobbly. So making use of the included stand is recommended, but not necessary.



This model kit is an excellent 6 inch interpretation of C-3PO. There’s only one big complaint I could think of and that is his wobbliness. It is also the first model kit that had a few broken parts (such as one of the sticks on his hand cover, and the golden antenna on the side of his knee. luckily nothing I couldn’t really fix.

Another great piece for every 6″ Star Wars figure collector or just a regular fan that wants a desk ornament, eventually together with the other famous droids, R2 and BB-8.

I give C-3PO a 8/10


  • visually stunning
  • Amazing detail
  • Incredible 6″ interpretation of 3PO


  • Fragile pieces
  • Doesn’t stand all that well on its own

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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