Transformers Fall of Cybertron – Optimus Prime – Custom

Today we go back in time, back to 2012, the year of the incredible Transformers Fall of Cybertron video game. The game itself was pretty amazing, the story was incredible and if I had the time right now to play it all again, I absolutely would.

And of course, what is an amazing game without amazing merchandise. This Optimus Prime figure is even till this date one of my favorite Transformers figures. Although, I have to say, the paint/colors of mostly the red pieces were so untrue to the game, I just had to customize him a little.

So be careful, this figure is not the exact same figure as it comes out of the box.

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Experience + Transformation

Overall it is a pretty good Transformer. The transformation isn’t too complicated, he stays well together most of the time and when in vehicle mode, he rolls pretty good.

I personally prefer a more advanced transformation (like the War for Cybertron version) but this one is definitely fun to transform.


He comes with his gun as seen in the game, and unfortunately, that’s it. I really wish he came with at least an other weapon, in preference a melee weapon and in Optimus’s case, his famous battle axe. But it is what it is, and for only around 20 bucks, I can’t really complain.

Thus, because I really missed a battle axe in this package, I tried to find one online. Most of the axes were from Fall of Cybertron and are specifically designed to go well with the FOC version of Optimus Prime (that figure is quite a bit taller) so it wouldn’t really fit him.

Since I had one of these simple Lego Knights Kingdom figures you got for free with cornflakes that had a quite nicely in scale axe, I thought I could use that one for this figure.
In case you are interested in this piece as well, you can get your own at Bricklink for a few cents, so that’s a really great price in my opinion.


The “straight from the package” Optimus Prime is pretty plain looking. with some unpainted details, he really doesn’t stand out that much. in the end, his robot form isn’t too accurate to the in game version of him, but that’s usually the case with these super detailed Transformers (as seen in the games and movies) but it’s pretty acceptable.

His vehicle mode looks pretty good, even without altering. In this case it’s just the back that isn’t done too well, but I usually don’t display Transformers in their vehicle mode, let alone display the back of the vehicle mode, so that’s not really a problem to me.

After adding a new red paint job and some additional weathering, I really think he’s starting to look pretty good (and also more true to the video game version).




This version of Optimus Prime might look quite bulky, but he’s actually more poseable than you might expect. You can get him in some really dynamic poses (without him falling over) and he holds them pretty good as well. The only joints I could complain about are his hip joints. They are a bit more loose than I’d like, but it’s not too bad. I do think some people might complain about it.


It’s a pretty cool and simple Transformer from a pretty cool video game, is there anything more you’d like in this world?

It has its obvious flaws, but that’s pretty common with transformable Transformers figures, especially in this size. But if we compare this to many others from the same scale, I must say, this one is really one of the better ones.

 I give Optimus Prime a 7/10 when unaltered
and a 8/10 when altered


  • some pretty accurate details
  • range of poseability is pretty good
  • agreeable price
  • even better after some additional painting


  • not exactly true to the video game (yet looks pretty good)
  • should’ve come with an axe

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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