BB-8 & R2-D2 – 1/12 scale – Bandai model kit


Today I will present to you, the BB-8 and R2-D2 Model kit by Bandai.

Back in the day, before episode 7 got released, there was a pack with R2 and R5-D4. I have to admit, R5 looked pretty cool as well, but the recently released pack with BB-8 and R2 has more value in my opinion.

Mostly because these 2 characters are just very important for the upcoming Star Wars future. As I said, these are my first 6″ droids, which is a shame, I know, but since I now finally have these 2, I’m very happy I did get them. They make a pretty unique duo and even tho we haven’t seen them interact with each other all that much in the movie, I think we might get some funny moments with them in the future.

I also have a C-3PO model kit coming soon and will show pictures of this “band of droids” once I have them all built.

My current review is with the figures unaltered as how they came straight out of the box (when build of course).

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I have to say that this pack is also not really meant for children.
Just like the other model kits, they come with really small pieces that are easy to break or get lost. In case you want your children to have a 6″ figure, the Hasbro ones are absolutely the way to go.

These were pretty nice and unique builds. I usually only get character model kits,  as in people with armor and such, but now that this pack got released, I just couldn’t skip these this time. I had a few small frustrations with these, mostly with R2, but I will touch on those things further in my review.

Other than that this pack was quite fun to build and I can’t wait for my C-3PO to arrive to complete the “band of droids” as I like to call them.


To be honest, my mind was blown once I finished building them.
They come with a very impressive amount of accessories which I didn’t really expect. BB-8 came with his thumbs-up torch, something that looks more like a welding torch and a tray for the map to Luke Skywalker’s location.

All of the hatches come with replaceable parts with one opened hatch and one closed hatch. It is slightly unfortunate they don’t open easily on BB-8 as well as for R2’s body panels. But on the contrary, the ones on R2’s head are a little too loose. It would’ve been better if they all attached somewhere in between these levels of being attached.

R2-D2 has the most accessories in this pack. He comes with his “hacking” arm, a taser, a gripping hand, a buzz saw, and something that looks like he could eject oil or something.
His extended eye and radar dish also come out of the top of his head.

R2’s center leg is also retractable, but it gets easily stuck if you pushed it in too hard. According to the instructions, you need to pop off his head and push from the top in the center to extend his leg again.
But as I experienced it first hand, the head is so hard stuck on there, it is technically impossible to pop it back off. It’s even pretty stiff to spin his head around.

They also come with a standard black Bandai base that they’ve been giving with these Star Wars model kits. The special thing here is that square bit they come with doesn’t have a spot to lock a foot in, which makes sence since they don’t really need it.

BB-8 also comes with a unique clear piece that prevents his ball from rolling and keeps his head at the spot you want, because it is articulated. This really adds to the amount of poses you can put him in.


These droids look actually incredible next to each other. They also scale well with other 6″ figures and now that I have them, I think they are a necessary part for every 6″ Star Wars collector.

I haven’t had time yet to put on the stickers or any additional paint, but I think that they would look even better with a few added details.

An other great point is that they are super highly detailed and that all the details are very crips. Unlike the Hasbro 6″ versions. These model kits also scale better with the other 6″ figures than the ones from Hasbro.

It is only really noticeable that they could use some additional paint once you put on their accessories, because they usually come in a single color and take away a bit from the otherwise pretty realistic look.


Obviously, these are no incredibly poseable figures, but they are definitely more poseable than their Hasbro counterparts, BB-8 more so than R2-D2. As I said, BB-8 comes with that nifty clear base that works really well to pose BB-8.

R2-D2 on the other hand comes with everything you would expect from him, which is a great thing. I have way too many R2 figures that or couldn’t spin his head, or couldn’t turn his arms, or had no retractable center foot and so on.

In the end, what I try to say is that the figures themselves aren’t very poseable, but they’ve got it where they should have it and that is a very good thing.


This pack of figures is actually the pack I have been waiting for for a long time without even knowing I needed this so much. Also, getting these 2 together in a single pack for just about 25 euros is a pretty excellent deal.

They are a great addition for every 6″ Star Wars collector or even just as desk ornaments.

 I give BB-8 & R2-D2 a 8/10


  • pretty good value
  • they look awesome
  • great value pack


  • R2’s loose pieces and mostly BB-8’s not loose enough pieces
  • (for some: still need a bit of paint to feel more “alive”/used)

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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