First Order Stormtrooper – The Black Series

Today I will present to you, the First Order Stormtrooper from the Black Series by Hasbro.

The figure is one of the first that I actually found in store since a long time, the last time I found a Black Series was back in the day of the first or second series with the regular Stormtrooper from the Original Triology. Since that decreases the price quite a bit, I thought I would give this figure a go.

The First Order Stormtrooper from the Black Series line is not really my favorite figure.
His limited poseability (in some places) and sloppy painted details make this figure feel pretty cheap and quickly put together so they could release them by the time the movie came out.

The figure does look good together with other figures and if he is your cheapest option, he might be a great figure to army build.
For me however, the Bandai model kit has the upper hand for sure, having better poseability and crisper detail and being cheaper as well.


This figure comes with a few accessories. He has a F-11D Blaster Rifle and a SE-44C Blaster Pistol. No baton or shield which is slightly disappointing but understandable since there are other Black Series releases that do feature those weapons.

The good thing however is that he can hold a weapon in his hands and have the other holstered on his right leg. These weapons peg in easily and stick pretty well.



The Stormtrooper looks OK. As I said before, the paint is a bit sloppy at some parts, but the figure itself does look pretty good. Even from a distance the slops are pretty obvious however it does look better and less noticeable when you put him together with other figures.

His weapons on the other hand do look pretty good, but the pistol might be slightly bend from the packaging (as that was the case with mine).

I am actually pretty sure that the sculpt is pretty good, but it just doesn’t translate as well because of the few painting mistakes.
Also after seeing the Bandai model kit’s visor being done with this translucent plastic piece (which looks increadible) the Black Series’s painted visor looks a bit less real.


The trooper has an OK amount of poseability. His double jointed knees work very well, but his single jointed elbows leave much to be desired.

His torso joint works really good as well, but his stiff neck joint sort of kill the range again.


Let’s say this figure is a pretty good figure for the pe0ple that want to build a Stormtrooper army. It will look pretty good on the shelf along a few other figures. Even with the lacking poseability you are able to get some interesting poses out of him after some fiddling.

So overall this is an average Stormtrooper figure that might be a good option to build armies or in case you simply want a few different looking Stormtroopers (as I do).

 I give the Stormtrooper a 6/10


  • does look like a FO Stormtrooper
  • can store all his accessories


  • poseability doesn’t really work (especially elbows)
  • sloppy paint job

Is there anything I missed or something you want to know/see more about?
Let me know in the comment section and help improve this blog.


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