Bionicle 2016 Summer Set leaks

(if you want to see more recent news, go check out this link.)

Recently, the Bionicle summer 2016 sets got their leaked images.
The sets will release around August 2016 and will feature the following sets:

  • 71312 – Ekimu the Mask Maker
  • 71313 – Lava Beast
  • 71314 – Storm Beast
  • 71315 – Quake Beast
  • 71316 – Umarak the Destroyer

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It seems like the sets (at least the evil ones) will have their own trans-yellow colored piece, where as Ekimu will have a lot of trans-blue pieces. A bit too much to my liking, but we’ll see how that turns out.

These images, however not yet confirmed, look pretty real. Or there was someone very skillful busy with these designs.

An other big remark is that the bad guys are no skeletons anymore. Instead, they are beasts now.

And what stands out the most at the moment has to be the fact that we only get 5 sets this time, maybe there will be more announcements coming in the future, maybe they want to make up for the fact that they released Umarak the hunter along the 6 toa and their creatures.

But anyway, we will see what the future holds for us.
Thanks for reading and catch you later.


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