Batman v Superman – Mafex figure releases

The news isn’t brand new, but I wish to share it anyway. March 26th 2016 releases the blockbuster movie: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.
and as we all know, there is no blockbuster movie that comes without any form of merchandising.

This time however Mafex got in the game pretty quick. We have already seen some stock images of the figures, which I will show you in a second, and they look pretty cool.
They come with a decent range of accessories and look really awesome. Let’s get over them one by one.


Let’s start with Batman. To be completely honest with you. I am no huge fan of the new design. The suit looks good, it’s just the cowl that bugs me. From certain angles it looks pretty good, from others it just looks weird.

But anyway, aside from that, the figure is an amazing representation of the source material. It comes with the necessary accessories and the cape is a soft good with a wire, which will be great for posing. It looks like it will be able to do everything you expect a Batman figure to do and that is very good.

For me to get this figure might depend on how much I like the movie, but if you like the suit and want a action figure of it, I think this will be your best bet for about 45 dollars/euros.


Batman (Armored)

This one Batman suit on the other hand does appeal to me pretty much. I absolutely can’t wait to get this figure. Mafex’s awesome poseability and amazing sculpt combined in a pretty bulky figure, I think many of us will be blown away with what this guy can do.
He has less accessories than the other Batman figure, but that doesn’t bother me all that much.

I’m not sure if the price will be the same, since he looks quite a bit bulkier than the others, but let’s say for about 50, you get a really decent Armored Batman figure.



Of course, what would a Batman v Superman movie be if there was no Superman. This figure looks great as well. It looks like he’ll have a few hands and a swappable head fot a bigger range of poses you can put him in.

An absolute highlight for me is his cape. The transition from his plastic suit to his cloth cape looks seamless and a build in wire makes up for a lot of dynamic poses. Not sure if the stand will be included as well, but overall, this figure looks like Superman from the movie.

This guy should also go for around 45 dollars/euros and will look amazing next to the Armored Batman suit, in case you want to recreate the famous trailer scene.


Wonder Woman

Last, but certainly not least, is Wonder Woman. She looks pretty good as well, and comes with the more unique accessories in the line. It looks like she will have everything you need to get her in some interesting poses. Her whip has this nice gold finish and she even has a clip to holster it.

I still need to know what her role will be in the new movie, but as far as I can tell, I think her role will be bigger than we all expected.

She will also have a 45 dollar/euro price tag, which is fine by me.


Overall, I think Mafex is doing themselves good with this line. They will release around July 2016, so there is still plenty of time to watch the movie and decide which figures you want to buy to set up you shelf.

in case you want to order them, you can click on this link, which will guide you to the official website of Mafex.


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