Bandai model kits coming soon

This month releases the First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter in 1/72 scale from the Star Wars episode VII The Force Awakens model kit line by Bandai.


I’m not sure I’ll be getting this one as soon as it releases, but it really looks like a decent model kit. The red line/side really makes the model stand out compared to the previous model and is a great option to have two different tie fighter models chase after the two X-wing models that have already been released.
Or you can wait till they release a Poe Dameron X-wing fighter if you want all unique kits.

The kit stands about 11 cm tall and will cost you about 20 dollar or euros.


next month however will be the release for the Captain Phasma model kit in 1/12 scale. also from the The Force Awakens line.


I am really looking forward to this release. Even after I’ve seen the movie and think her role was pretty small, I still do think that she looks really cool.

She might be a pricy model kit, going for around 40 dollars or euros. but that can be justified because of the chrome pieces and her actual size (about 17 cm tall). and besides that, it’s about the same price as getting a Captain Phasma Black Series nowadays so I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.

I currently own a Kylo Ren figure (actually 2) and two First Order Stormtroopers (1 Bandai model kit and 1 Hasbro Black Series) and adding Captain Phasma will look increadible on display.


The final currently known release will be a Kylo Ren model kit. It is scheduled to release in April, so you still have some time to catch up with previous model kits in March.
Since we haven’t seen any pictures of this model kit, I’m pretty curious to know what he will look like and how he compares to the S.H.Figuarts and Black Series versions.


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